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    Nov 16, 2014

    18 Great Etsy Items Every "Gilmore Girls" Fan Should Own

    “Oy with the poodles already!”

    1. This Mug

    MattieJeanB / Via

    2. This Poster

    CadburysKeepsakes / Via

    3. This Hoodie

    AwesomeRagz / Via

    4. This Poster

    FolioCreations / Via

    5. This Greeting Card

    SheCanLiftaHorse / Via

    6. This Mug

    7. This Cross Stitch.

    fiddlesticksau / Via

    8. This Keychain

    KTStopShop / Via

    9. This Poster

    FanFaires / Via

    10. This Mug

    TooLegitTooKnit / Via

    11. This Sticker

    twolamegirls / Via

    12. This Print

    heytheredesign / Via

    13. This T-shirt

    KINCOTAN / Via

    14. These Postcards

    SheCanLiftaHorse / Via

    15. This T-shirt

    CraftsbyCasaverde / Via

    16. This Postcard

    SheCanLiftaHorse / Via

    17. This Print

    FolioCreations / Via

    18. This Card

    SheCanLiftaHorse / Via
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