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15 Ideas On How To Dress Up As Your Favorite Hunger Games Characters For Halloween

Halloween Today, Halloween Tomorrow, Halloween Forever. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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1. Classic Katniss / Via

What You Will Need: Green cargo pants, hooded black windbreaker, plain black t-shirt, and boots. Bring a small pack for your arrows and don't forget the classic side braid. Complete the outfit with your very own Mockingjay Pin, sold here.

2. The Boy With the Bread: Peeta Melark / Via

What You Will Need: Any dark colored pants, a white t-shirt and an apron. Bring a load of bread with you and for a final touch, dip your hands in some flour! (The bread will also come in handy as a midnight snack!)

3. Effie Trinket / Via Lionsgate

What You Will Need: BRIGHT COLORS! The Capitol citizens are not shy when it comes to fashion, and Effie Trinket is the prime example. Start with a pink wig, and stick with different shades of that same color. A poofy dress with leggings or tights will make this outfit pop! Don't forget big flowers for your hair and VERY HIGH shoes. To complete this look, add some bright make up along with pursed lips drawn on.

4. Caesar Flickerman

What You Will Need: Blue is the theme here. Start off with a blue suit, sparkling if possible. Next, add a bright blue wig with matching eye brows! Don't forget about the SUPER white teeth!

5. Gale Hawthorne / Via Lionsgate

What You Will Need: Since we only see Gale in the woods, this outfit is fairly simple. Start with dark khaki pants paired with a light colored shirt. Add a simple vest on top.

6. Haymitch Abernathy / Via

What You Will Need: Get yourself a blonde wig and part it down the middle. For the outfit, wear a dark button down shirt, but in classic Haymitch style, keep it a bit sloppy. Add a vest on top, but just like the shirt, keep the buttons uneven.

7. Seneca Crane / Via Lionsgate

What You Will Need: Now, this one may require some planning in advance, depending on how involved you want to get with the beard. For the outfit, khakis with a red shirt and black vest will do. The big hit will be the beard. I would suggest growing your own, but it can be drawn on as well. Get a copy of the beard template here!

8. Cinna / Via

What You Will Need: Just like Cinna, this costume is elegant but striking. Keep it all black; black pants, shoes, and maybe throw in a leather jacket for a sleek look. For the final touches, add a simple swoop of gold eye linear across the top of the lid.

14. Alma Coin / Via

What You Will Need: The rebel leader of District 13 can be described in one word: grey. As the President you will need a grey jacket and pants. The highlight of the outfit will be the sleek grey wig. Make sure it's all in line.

15. Cressida / Via Lionsgate

What You Will Need: Now, this one is for the more adventurous. A sleek black outfit will do, but to really complete this costume you will need part of a shaven head. Add the vine tattoo and you will be ready to go!

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