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12 Halloween Costumes That Scream Fail

Not so fab-BOO-lous!

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3. The vampire with bad pink eye

I loved being a vampire for Halloween every year when I was little. My mom would always do my makeup. I always ended up looking like the vampire with bad pink eye. There was one year I looked like I got punched in both eyes. Good times.

- Eden_Sings

6. The hair dye mix up

Disney / Via

Last Halloween, I was going as Rapunzel from Tangled. So, I bought temporary hair dye to turn my hair brown. It didn't turn brown, like not even close. Instead I ended up looking more like Ariel with red hair. Note: Don't trust temporary hair dye.

- Jenaenae

9. The cover up gone wrong

When I was younger I was Sharpay from High School Musical. We bought “yellow” tempory hair coloring spray, and when I put it on it turned green! So I tried to cover it up with red spray….

- MeredithBroadwayDreams

11. The radical Princess Leia

NBC / Via

When I was about 10, I went as Princess Leia in her all-white hooded dress.

The fabric was really stiff, so when I put the hood on, I looked like I belonged in the KKK. My mom didn't tell me about the resemblance until ten years later.

- ToBeReadOutLoud

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