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"Harry Potter" & "Mean Girls" Mashed-Up Is Just As Magical As You'd Imagine

Defeating the Dark Lord is so fetch.

1. Umbridge LOVES school rules:

2. Uh, you don't say that:

3. Weasleys to the rescue:

4. Hermione the stylist:

5. Life lessons with Severus Snape:

6. Ron is such a good friend:

7. You really stepped in it there, Trelawney:

8. Oh, Neville:

9. Do not want:

10. SO fetch:

11. *timidly raises hand*:

12. Two-faced much?:

(That face though omg).

13. BURN:

14. You keep telling yourself that, Lucius:

15. This is heartbreak:

16. Umbridge is late for curfew, y'all:

17. *gasp of indignation*:

18. NO: