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If "Inbetweeners" Quotes Were Motivational Posters

Don't let the bus wankers get you down. NSFW language.

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1. For when you're feeling a bit lonely:

2. For when you need a release for your energy:

3. For when you need a little extra motivation:

4. For when you have places to go and people to see:

5. For when you just can't find the right question:

6. For when you need a self-esteem boost:

7. For when you're needing a way to say "No:"

8. For when an experience doesn't turn out how you'd like:

9. For when a situation is just too much to handle on your own:

10. For when you need to be reasonable:

11. For when you need to take a stand:

12. For when you need to talk yourself up:

13. For when spirituality comes into play:

14. For when you've got a great story to tell:

15. For when you need to blow off some steam:

16. For when you're at any given party:

17. For when someone calls you "crazy:"

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