29 Times Louis Tomlinson Was Delightfully Darling

Oh, Tommo, you adorable human, you.

1. When the camera was close to his face and he looked drop-dead beautiful:

2. When he made this face:

Which is apparently one of his favorite faces:

3. When he subtly sent someone a message:

Watch out, person: Louis is watching you.

4. When he looked ridiculously cool:

He could teach a course in “How to Rock Mirrored Lenses.”

5. When he goofily slid out of a chair:

6. When his eyes were the same color blue as his clothes:

And what an intense blue it is.

7. When he ran his hand through his hair:

8. And when he generously let someone else touch his hair:

Such magnificent hair. How is it possible/fair that the entirety of One Direction have incredible hair?

9. When he demonstrated the perfect puppy dog face:

10. When he looked up and directly into your soul:

And there was a pigeon in the foreground.

11. When he was super excited to be signing autographs:

12. When he smiled like an absolutely sweetie:

That, my friends, is a gorgeous smile.

13. When he shared a special moment with a pigeon:

One Direction / Via plus.google.com

You just keep on doing you, Louis.

And with a doll of himself:

14. When he pretended to cry:

One Direction / Via lezgino4kkka.beon.ru

15. When he sang. I mean, duh:

16. When he cocked his head to the side like a curious cat:

Again with the hella blue eyes.

17. When he had a mustache:

NBC / Via j-14.com

Two thumbs up!

18. When he confirmed that basically anyone can be his best friend:

19. When this dance move happened:

20. When he goofed off with his mates:

21. When he stripped off his jacket mid-song:

22. When he held a grapefruit and rubbed his face:

One Direction / Via harrystylesfanfiction.com

I don’t know what’s happening here but I LIKE IT.

23. When this masterful pelvic thrust happened:


24. When he slid down a window:

And had his face pretend-stroked by Zayn.

25. When he shared the secrets of 1D’s magic:

Maybe so, but you’re lovable idiots.

26. When he chowed down on Oreos:

27. When he smoothly grabbed some popcorn while skateboarding:

28. When he removed his sunglasses like the badass he is:

And, in that moment, he had more swag than Justin Bieber has ever had or claimed to have had.

29. And every time he did, well, anything:

Louis, love, you are a beautiful goober. <3

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