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    25 Of Kanye West's Most Thought-Provoking Tweets

    As he will happily tell you, Kanye is a genius.

    Before Kanye deleted all of his tweets and started the account over anew, he gifted us with some of the deepest observations in Twitter history...

    1. Kanye on his relationship with white girls:

    2. Kanye on Broadway:

    3. Kanye on talent:

    4. Kanye on water bottles:

    5. Kanye on rugs:

    6. Kanye on bike stores:

    7. Kanye on fonts:


    9. Kanye on his ego:

    10. Kanye on salmon:

    11. Kanye on pillows:

    12. Kanye on scarves:

    13. Kanye on Stevie Wonder:

    14. Kanye on comedy:

    15. Kanye on Nirvana:

    16. Kanye on toast/Swedish:

    17. Kanye on elevators:

    18. Kanye on his "cool" status:

    19. Kanye on apples:

    20. Kanye on Macbooks:

    21. Kanye on Jimmy Kimmel/Sarah Silverman:

    22. Kanye on Twitter:

    23. Kanye on paparazzi:

    24. Kanye on conference tables:

    25. Kanye on sideburns:

    BONUS! New favorite thing:

    Let us hope that the future will hold more Kanyeisms and nuggets of advice for generations to come!