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23 Moments When Nick Miller Is Ridiculously Relatable

He just *gets* it.

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Nick Miller is ridiculously relatable...

1. When you haven't washed your dishes in weeks: / Via

Been there, done that.

2. When your friends/family question your life choices: / Via

Yes, it is, Nick. Yes, it is.

3. When you get that new iPhone/iPod/whatever:

4. When your friends want you to go out with them on a weeknight:

5. And when they finally do convince you to venture outside your apartment:


Always start from the outside and work your way in.

6. When everything pisses you off for no reason:


Also known as "one of those days."

7. When it's 3:30 a.m. and you start contemplating the meaning of life, the universe, and everything:

8. When someone asks you about your career/life:

9. When you do anything impulsive:

10. When people are acting like idiots and it's all you can do not to slap them:


*mentally stabbing all of you*

11. When you look at the piles of laundry scattered around the room:

12. When you finally accept your age:

13. When you're trying to get it together for a date/interview/party/etc:


Put on some DAMN pants.

14. When you have actual, real adult responsibilities:



15. When you're alone in your room:

16. When someone younger asks you for advice:


And it goes on and on and on...

17. When you're in a reeeaallly awkward situation:

18. When you're trying to get that perfect picture:

19. When trying to explain your hobbies/habits:

20. When you have a little too much to drink:

21. When you have to go to the doctor/dentist/DMV/etc:

22. When you're trying to flirt:

23. When your song is on:

Basically, we are Nick. Nick is us.

Stay golden, Nicky Boy.

Never change.

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