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21 Thoughts You Have When You're About To Turn Twenty

Hello, grown-up life! Also, the world is ending.

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Twenty years old? That's a milestone.

1. At first, you're super excited.

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2. Helloooooo, twenty!

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3. You're one year closer to the drinking age, you're two years out of high school — both very good things.

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4. You can't wait to party with your friends like the kick-ass grown-up you are.

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5. But then less joyous thoughts start to creep into your head...

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6. Twenty? Now you have to be a Real Adult.

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7. You have to worry about a career.

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8. You have to worry about taxes!

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9. Pretty soon, family members will start asking when you're going to "settle down."

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10. Or worse, when you're going to have kids.

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11. But... but you are a kid!

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12. Then you realize that, no, you really aren't a kid anymore.

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13. You aren't even a teen anymore!

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14. You realize that turning twenty means you're one year closer to your ultimate demise.

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15. And it starts to feel that mortality is creeping in and also the world might be ending.

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16. But then, through the darkness, you start to realize that, hey, this really won't be that bad.

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17. Twenty's not that old. You're still a youth, yea?

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18. You can still have crazy fun and go on adventures and laugh until your stomach aches.

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19. Just 'cause you're turning twenty doesn't mean light and happiness will flee from the world.

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20. In fact, twenty might be kind of fun!

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