21 Curious Animals You Never Knew Existed

It’s a weird world, my friends.

1. Maned Wolf

Also known as the winner of “Nature’s Next Top Model.”
Native to: South America (mainly Brazil)
Defining characteristic: From foot to shoulder, they stand between two to about four feet tall. It’s also smelly.

2. Tufted Deer

Native to: Eastern Asia (mainly China)
Defining characteristic: I mean, the 1+ inch long fangs come to mind.

3. Dumbo Octopus

Also known as the stunt double for the octopus from Finding Nemo.
Native to: 9,800 - 23,000 feet below sea level
Defining characteristic: Protruding “ears” which give it its name.

4. Gerenuk (Waller’s Gazelle)

Native to: Eastern Africa
Defining characteristic: … dat NECK.

5. Sunda Flying Lemur

Also known as the cutest thing I have ever seen.
Native to: Southeastern Asia
Defining characteristic: It is not a lemur and it does not fly. It is a colugo, and it glides due to a membrane that connects its limbs. Also (in case you hadn’t noticed), its eyes are massive.

6. Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Native to: Madagascar
Defining characteristic: It’s striped and spiny.

7. Glaucus Atlanticus

Native to: Temperate and tropical waters
Defining characteristic: It’s blue. It stings people. It’s only 1.2 inches long.

8. Pacu Fish

Native to: Rivers in the vicinity of the Amazon.
Characteristics: IT HAS TEETH OH MY GOD. Also, it likes biting testicles.

9. Eastern Long-Necked Turtle

Native to: Australia
Defining characteristic: It’s basically a giraffe-turtle. Again, dat NECK.

10. Costa Rican Variable Harlequin Toad

Native to: Costa Rica
Defining characteristic: It’s very brightly colored. And the pattern varies.

11. Megalopyge Opercularis Caterpillar

Native to: The southern US; Mexico; and Central America.
Defining characteristic: It’s wearing a fur coat 24/7.

12. Nyctimene Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat

SWNS / Via metro.co.uk

Native to: Oceania
Defining characteristic: It’s all in the name.

13. Axolotl

Also known as REAL LIFE NEOPET.
Native to: Central Mexico
Defining characteristic: They’re weird as hell. And they’re smiling.

14. Yeti Crab (Kiwa hirsuta)

Native to: Southern Pacific Ocean
Defining characteristic: It’s got furry appendages, y’all. It looks like freakin’ yeti.

15. Tarsier

Native to: Southeastern Asia
Defining characteristic: HOLY EYES, BATMAN.

Want to hear a Morgan Freeman impersonator tell you about the tarsier? HINT: Yes. Yes, you do. Watch this video NOW.

16. Hispaniolan Solenodon

Native to: Hispaniola
Defining characteristic: It’s a venomous mammal that apparently smells like a goat. What even?

17. Glass Lizard

Aka Fakey Snakey
Native to: Asia; Northern Africa; Southeastern USA
Defining characteristic: They’re lizards that don’t have legs. But they aren’t snakes.

18. Antarctic Icefish

Also known as Ghostfish Killah
Native to: Waters around Antarctica
Defining characteristic: They’re see-through and they have antifreeze in their blood.

19. Aye Aye

Native to: Madagascar
Defining characteristic: It’s basically the mammal version of a woodpecker. And its tail is as long as its body.

20. Gharial

Also known as living needle-nosed pliers
Native to: Indian subcontinent
Defining characteristic: Long-ass snout with 110 teeth.

21. Tapir

Native to: Central and South America; Southeast Asia
Defining characteristic: Junior elephant trunk.

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