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    21 Absolutely Awful Life Lessons Disney Films Taught Us

    Who would have thought that a bunch of cartoon teenagers would be terrible role models?

    1. You should absolutely befriend strangers you meet in the woods. They won't be at all creepy.

    2. Definitely cut your own hair! It'll look amazing.

    3. Ignoring your parents' advice only leads to happy endings.

    4. Don't be afraid to accept food from complete (and rather sinister) strangers.

    5. Running away from your problems is always the best solution.

    6. If someone breaks into your room, don't be afraid! He'll make a fabulous adventure buddy.

    7. Working all day and partying all night is a normal and healthy lifestyle.

    8. Don't let their fashion fool you- go ahead and trust that people with a penchant for fur are actually massive animal lovers!

    9. If you want something someone else has, just get rid of them!

    10. It's not robbery if it's charitable.

    11. Running away and going home with strangers are both great life choices.

    12. YOLO- er, hakuna matata.

    13. Go ahead and jump off that waterfall. You'll be fine.

    14. Lying never ends badly.

    At least Genie had the right idea...

    15. If a large, imposing man offers to take you on a trip, do it. He definitely doesn't have an ulterior motive.

    16. Consent doesn't matter if it's ~true love's kiss.~

    17. All drains lead to the ocean.

    18. You should try absolutely everything even remotely consumable that comes your way. The results will only be in your favor.

    19. Kidnapping is A-OK!

    20. You should do anything in your power to get the guy/girl. That is the only thing that matters.

    21. Though, of course, you'll never get the guy/girl if you aren't ridiculously good-looking.

    However, there is one excellent and highly important life lesson to be learned from Disney...