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21 Absolutely Awful Life Lessons Disney Films Taught Us

Who would have thought that a bunch of cartoon teenagers would be terrible role models?

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1. You should absolutely befriend strangers you meet in the woods. They won't be at all creepy.

Walt Disney Productions / Via rebloggy.com

Especially if they're hot guys, because hot guys never do wrong.

8. Don't let their fashion fool you- go ahead and trust that people with a penchant for fur are actually massive animal lovers!

Walt Disney Productions / Via wifflegif.com

Who would ever think to see a connection between a black and white aesthetic and dalmatian puppies?

17. All drains lead to the ocean.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

The water'll get there eventually, but it might pass through some treatment plants first.

TL;DR: don't put live fish down the drain. Ever.

18. You should try absolutely everything even remotely consumable that comes your way. The results will only be in your favor.

Walt Disney Productions / Via rebloggy.com

Strange bottles labeled "Drink me?" Fair game. Curious cakes asking you to "Eat [them]?" Not suspicious at all. Mushroom that a smoking caterpillar told you to try? Probably just portobello.

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