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18 Pointlessly Gendered Products That'll Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Masculinity is fragile, you know.

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1. Didn't you know the Earth is totally different when seen through a girl's eyes?

What the what? "@_jenwilbur: todays unnecessarily gendered product: the earth "

2. You thought smiling yellow fish were androgynous? WRONG.

Unnecessarily gendered product of the day

3. Everyone knows regular earplugs are just too rough for women's delicate ears.

today's Unnecessarily Gendered Product:

And the pink color gives your ear canals that feminine glow.

4. Thank heavens for this pink-handled hammer! Wouldn't want anyone to know a woman was doing men's work!

unnecessarily gendered product @ target

5. Who knows what internal damage would be done if someone ate the wrong gender of ham?!

Unnecessarily Gendered Product of the day: Ham.

6. I bet that if a girl touched the boy's Bible, her hands would be permanently stained with grease. Who wants that?

And the princess Bible would probably leave a boy forever glittery.

7. Because a deer would never be fooled by a woman wearing regular Scent Killer. That's preposterous.

Weirdest gendered product I've ever seen

8. Girls? Like cars? But only boys can like that kind of stuff! It's, like, a law or something.

Fashion for girls, cars for boys. MT @nullcontext: @SocImages Here's one for your pointlessly gendered product list.

9. "Girl doctor?" Hahaha, surely you jest.

Yech @beccabarnes2001: Horrible gendered products from @ELCtoys. Via @LetToysBeToys

10. Grab the wrong gendered pencil and WHO KNOWS what might happen?!

Pointlessly gendered product: pencil #fb #li Also, how is a thinner pencil a feature?

11. It's the exact same product, but, without the pink package, how would we know to poop like ladies?

Worth going on @SocImages pointlessly gendered products: exact same product, except one is pink.. and more expensive!

And no mind that the two packages are the same price but the pink box has five fewer tablets. The pink tax is TOTALLY cool.

12. You'll never see the glue once it's dried, but little girls love that peace of mind, knowing that no one will expect they used gross boy glue.

Why a gendered product?! #badvertising RT @missgarbs: “@rosiefiore: Oh for god's sake. It's glue. Glue. ” #notbuyingit

13. Thought it was just chocolate? Nope! These bunnies have a special ingredient to make boys faster and girls prettier, respectively.

Today's pointlessly gendered product: Chocolate bunnies. Thumbs down, Hershey's.

14. Good thing that card says "MAN CARD" in very visible letters on it. Otherwise some poor guy's masculinity might fall into question.

Today in needlessly gendered products: Asda gift cards

And the mustache makes it extra manly, just in case.

15. Girls be the hero? Hahahahahahahahahaha jokes.

Today in unnecessarily gendered products: we can't be superheroes, but we can date them!

16. It'd be insane to just use the same silver flask, right? I mean, without that glitter, women just wouldn't feel like women!

Today, in unnecessarily gendered products: the hip flask.

And again, the women's product is £0.50 more. That glitter is not worth that.

17. I mean, everyone knows girls like flowers, not sports. You wouldn't want their candy to confuse them.

18. Gender-neutral hangers? Lol, what even are those?

3 offending products spotted today as I was out shopping. Why (other than profit) do we need gendered coat hangers?

NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

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