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19 Fun Websites To Waste Time On Right Now

You're welcome, bored people and procrastinators.

1. Staggering Beauty

Screenshot / Via

It's a black worm-ish thing that you wiggle back and forth and, if you wiggle it enough, it has a mini-rave. It's actually pretty fun.

Warning — contains flashing images.

2. Sanger

Screenshot / Via

It's a pug licking your computer screen. Everyone needs this in their day.

3. Cat Bounce

Screenshot / Via

You pick up cats and bounce them. You can also make it rain more cats.

4. Sad for Japan

Screenshot / Via

You agitate a pink/red blob with your mouse and it makes blubbery sounds.

5. Filler

Screenshot / Via

Fill the screen with balls but don't get hit by the bouncies. This is NOT easy.

6. Calming Brits


Pictures of attractive Brits with calming messages.

7. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples


Help a fat lady eat apples.

8. Lunchtimers

Screenshot / Via

Go play with magnet letters with other bored humans.

9. Acrobats

Screenshot / Via

Add/subtract the little buddies and move them around; see how they interact.

10. Pollock

Screenshot / Via

Splatter paint like Jackson Pollock! Click to change paint color.

11. Pop Bubblewrap Now

Screenshot / Via

Exactly what it sounds like.

12. Ireland vs. France

Screenshot / Via

Keep the Irish soccer team from scoring.

13. Feed the Head


It's a weird head that you click around on to find different interactive bits. There are a lot of things to figure out.

14. I Waste So Much Time


Humorous things from around the internet.

15. Line

Screenshot / Via

Move your mouse to manipulate a line. It's like building a roller coaster while you ride it. It's way more fun than it looks, I promise.

16. Draw With Flames

Screenshot / Via

Move the mouse to make a cool shape and then click and drag to make flames!

17. Into Time

Screenshot / Via

Click to divide color-changing rectangles into more color-changing rectangles.

18. Draw A Stickman

Screenshot / Via

Draw A stickman. Go on adventures.

19. The Useless Web

Screenshot / Via

Click the button to be directed to a useless website.

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