19 Hilarious Pictures Of People Posing On Splash Mountain

Some men are born great. These are those people.

1. The Grope

Bonus points for the Santa hat/beard.

2. The Bodyguard

Alternate title: “The Secret Service.”

3. The Sippy-Sippy

Bonus points for the fact that five of them are rocking plaid.

4. The Storm Trooper

At least he knows the log won’t hit anything (BAD JOKE).

5. The Proposal

6. The Occupy Movement

From Wall Street to Disney.

7. The Who Gives A Flying Fuck?

Answer: No one. Not a single person gives a flying fuck.

8. The Hardcore Gamers

9. The Party People

11. The Prom Proposal

Bonus points for the Gene Simmons tongue.

13. The Nap

Alternate title: The People In The Back Weren’t In On The Joke

15. The “There’s A Lot Going On Here”

Is that a muppet?

16. The Fine Diners

How even did they take all this stuff on the ride?

18. The Snake Charmers

19. Perry the Platypus

Also notice “Fuck yea!” kid in the front row.

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