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    19 Delightful Holiday Gifts For The Ultimate "American Horror Story" Fan

    Have a very scary holiday.

    1. A shirt to make you feel more powerful:

    2. A mask for the Twisty enthusiasts:

    3. A pop art tribute to Jessica Lange:

    4. A mug any coven member would covet:

    5. A touch of Tate Langdon for the home:

    6. A comfy sweatshirt for the magical ~mean girl~:

    7. An eye-catching symbol of a fan's dedication:

    8. A one-of-a-kind wood-burned portrait of everyone's favorite clown:

    9. A spectacularly spooky stocking stuffer:

    10. A sweet stuffed Twisty who wants to be your friend:

    11. Scented soap for the witch (or warlock) in all of us:

    12. A temporary appreciation of a famous line:

    13. A burning Myrtle Snow to perch atop your head:

    14. A tiny Twisty for your Christmas tree:

    15. A memento of the moment that launched a thousand memes:

    16. Some Evan Peters charm for your ears:

    17. A magnificently detailed print of Bloody Face:

    18. A set of coasters to display your love for the scariest show on television:

    FX / Via
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