19 Cats Who Are Definitely Planning To Murder You

Because cats are NOT cute.

1. This demon who still hasn’t forgiven you for that bath two years ago.

2. This monster who is clearly saying, “You’re next.”

3. This fiend who spends every spare moment plotting your ultimate demise.

4. This savage who will never forget the time you stepped on his tail.

5. This brute who is decapitating you in his mind at this very moment.

6. This hell-beast who just might “accidentally” trip you as you walk down the stairs tonight.

7. This terror who has been sharpening his claws just for you.

8. This devilish pair who will wait for the cover of darkness to exact their revenge.

The orange one is clearly the mastermind.

9. This abomination who clearly wasn’t petted enough as a kitten.

10. This incubus who is giving you about two seconds to run for your life.

11. This villain who has hated you from the moment he laid eyes on you.

12. This scoundrel who can’t wait to laugh, er, meow maniacally whilst standing over your corpse.

(This cat was sued for causing emotional distress to a pet-sitter).

13. This dastard who can’t decide if he should go for the eyes or the throat.

14. This wretch who knows exactly where you keep the largest and sharpest knife.

15. This miscreant whose eye daggers are almost as sharp as his claws, so you best get to running.

16. This harbinger of doom who claims that Satan requires your presence.

17. This nasty fellow who is daring you to look at him the wrong way.

18. This psychopath who is just waiting for you to turn your back.

19. And this villainous knave whose face very well might be the last thing you ever see.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via conchella.tumblr.com

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