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17 Delightful Zayn Malik Moments To Cheer Up Directioners Everywhere

Remember the happy times, guys. Malik announced earlier today that he has quit One Direction.

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1. Remember this young smile:

2. And this funny face:

3. And this even funnier face:

4. Think about this goofy dance:

5. Or this silly crossover:

6. Hold this sweet laugh dear:

ABC / Via

7. And let this puppy pout fill you with joy:

One Direction / Via

8. Think back to this favorite catchphrase:


9. Don't forget this cute little wave:

10. Or this top model gaze:

11. Just look at that smile:

Simco Limited / Via

12. Embrace this creative man:

13. And this giggly one:


14. And this sincere one:

Simco Limited / Via

15. And this adorable one:

Comic Relief / Via

16. And this incredible one:

Simco Limited / Via

17. And wish him the best of luck as he embarks on his next adventures!

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