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15 Ways You Can Help Make The World A Better Place Just By Using The Internet

Turn time-wasting into life-saving.

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2. Feed The Animals: Dogs and Cats


How it helps: Every time you answer the site's daily trivia question, ten pieces of kibble are donated to feed homeless animals. It doesn't matter if you answer correctly or not: every response triggers a donation!

You can also click to donate cat litter.

4. Plant Trees


How it helps: The more trivia questions you answer correctly, the more "leaves" you collect. The more leaves you collect, the more funds are donated by the site's advertising sponsors to one of the site's two partner agencies, Trees for the Future or The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

According to the site's FAQ, 180 correct answers = 1 tree planted. However, you don't need to play 180 times: all answers count, so your responses and those of others will accumulate to equal the amount needed.


6. Feed The Hungry


How it helps: For every vocabulary question you answer correctly, ten grains of rice are donated through the UN's World Food Programme. And while ten grains might not sound like much, the amount adds up quickly as you answer more questions- and you're improving your vocabulary as well!

7. Help Children In Need


How it helps: Every click benefits Children International, a non-profit that sponsors impoverished children from around the globe, providing health care, education, and necessary supplies, as well as giving them encouragement and life skills needed to escape poverty.

You can also sponsor a child.

8. Provide Blankets For Abandoned Animals


Note: The site is in French, but it's pretty straightforward. Just click the big orange button!

How it helps: Every click funds 2 square centimeters of blanket for an abandoned animal, and you can answer trivia questions to fund additional square centimeters. The site claims to have already provided over 19 million square centimeters of coverage for animals living in both shelters and on the street.


11. Feed Rescued Primates


How it helps: Every click generates funding for food for primates rescued from illegal bushmeat hunting and trade. This site is sponsored by the Jane Goodall Institute, which works to raise awareness about such issues as well as protect these primates, their species, and their habitats.

12. Stop Global Warming


How it helps: Donations from this site benefit CarbonFund, which works with both businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, and strives to educate the public on the dangers of climate change and what efforts can be made to prevent global warming.


13. Protect Threatened Wolves


How it helps: By clicking the button on this site, you generate a donation to the Defenders of Wildlife, who work to protect America's wildlife, both species and habitats. The Defenders are one of the leading wolf conservation organizations, and played a key part in reintroducing the animal to Yellowstone National Park.

14. Provide Books For Children

How it helps: Donations are funded by GreaterGood's partner organizations; the Literacy Site was founded to provide books for low-income children across the nation, and to thereby promote literacy. Each click provides 1% of a book.

GreaterGood also has site supporting causes supporting breast cancer research, Alzheimer's research, meals and support for veterans, and many more.

15. Feed Abandoned Animals


Note: This site is also in French, but it's simple- click the big yellow button towards the center of the page to donate!

How it helps: ClicAnimaux (literally "click animals") aims to provide food, shelter, and other support for abandoned animals. Funding for donations is provided by the site's advertising partners. The site claims to have provided over 3 million meals since its inception, and to have saved more than three thousand animals in 2014 alone.

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