15 Rousing Irish Drinking Songs For Your Next Pub Crawl

Sláinte! (That means ‘Cheers!’)

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

1. “The Wild Rover,” Luke Kelly

I’ve been a wild rover for many’s a year/I’ve spent all me money on whiskey and beer!

2. “Whiskey-Bailey’s-Guinness,” Barleyjuice

Oh, vodka’s in the bottle and rum is in the flask/I’ve got a shot of brandy, and tequila in my glass/imported wines from off the vines will sometimes serve the task/but whiskey-Bailey’s-Guinness will knock me on my ass!

3. “7 Drunken Nights,” The Dubliners

Ah, you’re drunk, you’re drunk, you silly old fool.

4. “Drunken Sailor,” Irish Rovers

What will we do with a drunken sailor/what will we do with a drunken sailor/what will we do with a drunken sailor/early in the morning?

5. “Drink It Up Men,” The Dubliners

Drink it up, men/it’s long after ten.

6. “Beer, Beer, Beer,” The Clancy Brothers

Look what he’s done for us/he’s filled us up with cheer/Lord bless Charlie Mopps/the man who invented beer!

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7. “Rocky Road to Dublin,” The High Kings

Took a drop of the pure/to keep my heart from sinking/that’s the Paddy’s cure/when he’s on the drinking!

8. “Jug of Punch,” The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

Upon his knee, a pretty wench/aye, and on the table, a jug of punch!

9. “All For Me Grog,” The Dubliners

And it’s all for me grog/me jolly, jolly, grog/all for my beer and tobacco!

10. “Rare Old Mountain Dew,” The Quare Fellas

Away with your pills/it’ll cure all ills/be you Christian, Pagan, or Jew/so take off your coat/and grease your throat/with a bucketful of mountain dew!

11. “Whiskey in the Jar,” The Dubliners

Musha ring dum a doo dum a dah/whack for my daddy-o/whack for my daddy-o/there’s whiskey in the jar!

12. “Dicey Riley,” The Dublin City Ramblers

It’s off each morning to the pub/and she drops in for another little drop!

13. “Streams of Whiskey,” The Pogues

I am going, I am going/where streams of whiskey are flowing!

14. “Whiskey, You’re The Devil,” The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem

You’re sweeter, stronger, decenter/you’re spunkier than tea/oh, whiskey, you’re me darlin’/drunk or sober!

15. “Bugger Off,” The Dubliners

Here’s to the barkeeps and the waitresses who’ve been servin’ you your beer/they’ve put up with your noxious breaths and your stupid drunken leers!

(Nothing like good ol’ mock-hostility to end the night)!

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