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Using Twitter to Step Up Your PR Game

Companies pay millions of dollars for advertising every day, but sometimes all you need is a free or cost-effective tweet, in 140 characters or less. In a just aired and published WTOP interview, On the Marc Media founder and CEO Marc Silverstein talks to Neal Augenstein about how businesses can benefit from using Twitter, especially since the social media giant went public on Thursday.

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With Twitter, businesses have the ability to send messages out to the public quickly and effectively. Advertising on any medium can be pricey, so marketing to the Twitterverse is an opportunity no business owner and marketing department should pass up. Thanks to Twitter's Promoted Tweets feature, your message will be seen by target audiences who otherwise would never come across your feed. Promoted Tweets may cost a fee, but it is more targeted and cheaper than a TV or magazine ad.

Marc also promotes Twitter as a great platform for customer interaction. Being able to respond to customers in short, instantaneous messages is a powerful tool, and makes handling aggrieved customers quick and easy.

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