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    18 Reasons Vine Needs To Cut The Shit And Come Back Already

    Come on, do it for the Vine.

    1. Waking up and watching Vines was always a good way to start the day.

    2. We used to learn so many new words.

    3. We were able to express ourselves through a simple re-vine.

    4. And there was no greater honor than when some re-vined you.

    5. Quite simply, it was a great way to pass the time.

    6. When the world was closing in on us, Vine would open up to us.

    7. Creating a Vine made us all feel like celebrities.

    8. When we fell, Vine was there to pick us back up.

    9. Vine made all of our bad decisions not only acceptable, but appreciated as well.

    10. It was fun for all ages.

    11. It taught us how alike we all really are.

    12. And it restored our faith in other people's pets.

    13. When we thought Vines couldn't get any funnier, it proved us wrong like a kick in the face.

    14. We were encouraged to try new things and post them when they didn't go as planned.

    15. Watching Vines gave us a comforting sense of regularity in our day-to-day lives.

    16. And while some people may not think life without Vine is so bad...

    17. ...the rest of us know the hard truth.

    18. Vine, we've got just one question for you:

    Why on earth was Vine ever taken from us?

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