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    A Ranking Of Disney Channel Best Friends From Worst To Best

    Separating the best from the rest because not all best friends are equal.

    13. Miranda Sanchez — Lizzie McGuire

    12. Lilly Truscott — Hannah Montana

    11. Tawny Dean — Even Stevens

    10. Eddie Thomas — That's So Raven

    9. Oliver Oken — Hannah Montana

    8. Tom Gribalski — Even Stevens

    7. Alan Twitty — Even Stevens

    6. Chelsea Daniels — That's So Raven

    5. Wade — Kim Possible

    4. Harper Finkle — Wizards of Waverly Place

    3. Keely Teslow — Phil of the Future

    2. David "Gordo" Gordon — Lizzie McGuire

    1. Ron Stoppable — Kim Possible

    Bonus: Rufus — Kim Possible