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    Zara Larsson's Opinion About Movie Theaters Is Being Called The "Worst Take Ever," And Yep, It Really Is

    I don't think I've ever disagreed with something more in my life, but I will still be streaming "All the Time."

    I truly believe Zara Larsson is one of the most underrated pop stars in the game right now.

    Zara dancing onstage as she performs in a butterfly top and pants

    From the impeccable "Lush Life"...

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    Epic Records the criminally underrated "All the Time"...

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    Epic Records

    ...the girl has bops for DAYS.

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    WMG (on behalf of East West Records UK Ltd)

    I preface this post with how much I love her music, because I really am a huge fan!

    But she has crossed the line with this one.

    She has gone too far.

    Zara posted a piping hot take on TikTok about talking in movie theaters...

    ...and now the clip has gone viral on Twitter.

    ok maybe she deserves to be a flop…

    @zaralarsson/ Twitter: @irene_xcx

    "We need to talk about this," she starts.

    "I'm about to go to a movie, and it made me think, people say, 'If you talk during a movie, you shouldn't go to the cinema.'"

    A super close-up of Zara's face

    "BRPP lies," she says.

    "If you don't want to hear people talking during the movie, then you shouldn't go to the cinema. Isn't the whole thing about watching something with other people in the same room to experience it laugh and scream and have full on analyses of the characters while you're watching it?"

    "If you want to sit in silence like a fucking stone, just go home!"

    "And yeah, I'm sorry I'm that person. Take me to jail. I'm gonna be disrespectful every time. I will say things during the movie, I will say a lot of things during the movie."

    "Yup, that's me. And that's just what it should be. I feel like we should change the culture about going and seeing a movie."

    "It should always be chitty chatty in the cinema, and that's just my opinion," she finishes.

    That's CERTAINLY a take.

    And the response has been expected.

    Julia said "respectfully, no"

    Truly, I love ya, big fan, but it's just wrong.

    From "I'm stealing something out of your house" if this is you...

    ... to "we already got some worst take of 2023 contenders."

    It seems like every living being who has ever been to a movie theater disagrees with Zara's take.

    One person said "Zara nooooo. laugh scream, cry, but save the analysis for letterboxd after"

    Now please stream her new song "Can't Tame Her" because surely she would only say a hot take so wrong for promo reasons.

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