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    Let's Cut The Shit, Tapas Are The Worst


    Ding dong ding dong. Ring the church bells and gather the people. It's time to cut the shit and stop pretending tapas are fun.

    1. First of all, it's always way more expensive than it should be because each plate costs like $16.

    2. The restaurant always "recommends" like three plates per person which means it’s like $1k for a meal.

    3. You can get a big plate at a normal restaurant for the amount of money you spend on a tiny one at a tapas restaurant.

    4. Not everyone likes the same shit so you’re screwing your friend who doesn’t like calamari or whatever.

    5. There is never ever, EVER enough food.

    6. If you like a dish, then you get two orders of it and it still isn't enough.

    7. If you're with five people and there are four things on the plate then someone is getting fucked.

    8. You have to be “dainty” when you take the food. You don’t want to be the asshole that takes more than everyone.

    9. It’s animalistic: When the food comes you’re just looking at it the entire time stressed you won’t get your fair share.

    10. It’s like a fight to the death for the last scrap of food.

    11. It’s a lot of work. Too much ordering.

    12. Lastly, the overall idea is flawed and just not realistic.