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37 Reasons "Spice World" Is A Cinematic Masterpiece

Forget anyone that says otherwise.

1. 1997's "Spice World" introduced an entirely new side of the Spice Girls to the world. Once and for all, the Spice Girls proved that "they don't just sing."

They also act, and very well at that.

2. Though it's nearly impossible to pick one stand-out star from "Spice World", Geri must be commended for her role as "Geri."

3. Her natural ability to capture our attention was prevalent throughout the 93-minute opus.

4. That microphone probably didn't work... but she made you believe it did.

5. Baby Spice is equally astonishing.

6. Her character, which technically wasn't even a character because she just played herself, questioned social norms.

7. Which was way ahead of its time. This is 1997 we're talking about!

8. Baby Spice also managed to deliver her lines while constantly sucking on a lollipop. Lord knows we don't see that nowadays.

9. Then there was Scary. A natural talent, her faces really make you believe what she's saying.

10. And Posh!

Posh does a truly excellent job at playing herself.

11. For example:

12. The scene where she drives the bus the wheel has been described as very "real."

13. And one cannot forget about the iconic, unforgettable bootcamp scene.

14. But, Posh is at her best when she wakes a little boy from a coma.

15. With 4 words, she shaped a generation:

16. Oh yeah, Sporty was good too.

17. All together, it was quite obvious how hard the Spice Girls worked to create this film.

18. The 5 girls shined on screen.

19. The set design, as demonstrated by this random Spice Gazebo in France, was unparalleled for 1997.


21. The dialogue was also incredibly clever and sharp.

22. One-liners like this one still stand the test of time. In 2013, "No more Mr. Nice Spice" holds up splendidly.

23. The film also advanced race relations. A truly "cross-cultural" moment of the film happens when the girls encounter aliens.

24. While some considered this scene "gross", "crude", and "over the top."

It was a very bold, progressive move that paid off.

Check out that real emotion from Scary.

25. Music legend, Elton John, even took time out of his busy schedule to appear in the film.

26. And the bus driver was Meatloaf.

27. The wardrobe also needs to be applauded.

28. Who else besides Scary Spice was wearing mini braids and space suits at the time? No one. That's because it was revolutionary.

29. Their creepy manager's facial hair is just disgusting enough to really make you believe he was a true creep.

30. One of the film's most impressive scenes happens when each of the Spice Girls parody each other.

This is when the 5 girls acting chops really shine because they were actually playing characters that weren't themselves.

31. The film also tackled the difficult subject of motherhood.

32. And also manta rays.

33. And the Pope.

34. You can't talk about "Spice World" without talking about the film’s haunting, unforgettable score.

35. "Too Much" is one of the Spice Girl's most underrated singles.

36. Lastly, the special effects.

37. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said about this pure genius.