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Why Nicki Minaj Has No Business Talking To Mariah Carey Like That

She's "your highness" for a reason, Nicki. Jeez.

In case you missed it, there's a video of Nicki Minaj cursing out Mariah Carey on the set of American Idol. Basically, Nicki Minaj needs to realize who she's talking to! Nobody can talk to Mariah Carey like that! Here's why:

Mariah Carey's Number Ones:


Nicki Minaj's Number Ones:

Mariah Carey's lifetime album sales:

Nicki Minaj's lifetime album sales:

Mariah Carey Grammy count: 5

Nicki Minaj's Grammy count:

Mariah Carey's iconic Christmas album:

Nicki Minaj's iconic Christmas album:

Also Mariah basically *invented* the alter-ego. Remember Bianca?

To sum things up in 2 images:

Note: All Number Ones are Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones.