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People Have Started Screaming "WHO IS IT?!" At Britney Spears' Concerts And It's Just, Like, The Best

A new meme has been born.

It all started with one fan. One voice. One Britney, bitch.

That fan was Zachary Gordon.

Before I get too far ahead of case you are a sorry person, then you know that Britney Spears is currently on her first world tour in a pretty long time. It's great, fun, and cool. Very cool.

ANYWAY, our friend Zachary saw Britney at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and screamed "WHO IS IT?!" before "Gimme More" and, frankly, the rest is history.

Now, at every tour stop, before Britney goes into "Gimme More" the crowd asks "WHO IS IT?!?!"

Her laugh during "who is it" is priceless 😍

Like, literally everyone.

“Who is it” will for sure forever be remembered as part of this tour. Hollywood, FL Night #3 and it was fire!! 🔥🔥 #PieceOfMe #BritneySpears #whoisit #HollywoodFlorida #HardRockHollywood

And she loves it.

Britney got the whole crowd screaming 'WHO IS IT!?" now 😂🔥 #RadioCityBritney

One gay even called her the "QUEEN OF ANSWERING QUESTIONS" and honestly I have to agree.


Even her hot-ass (but wholesome) boyfriend is into it.

Sam Asghari shared a video of Florida’s crowd screaming “Who is it?” during Britney’s show tonight on his Instagram story 💥😄 #PieceOfMe

In conclusion:

Britney stans screaming "WHO IS IT" before she says "it's Britney bitch" is a fan made thing that just popped out of nowhere like a week and a half ago and now entire venues are participating and it's my favorite thing FUCKING EVER

You guys better keep it up or else.