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This Is Why Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance Was A Failure

What Miley Cyrus was trying to do at the VMAs vs. what Miley Cyrus actually did. A case study.

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Of course it does. Clearly, Miley's inspiration for the night was none other than the queen of the VMAs herself, pop music extraordinaire and everyday legend: Miss Britney Spears.


The following is a case study of what Miley was going for vs. what actually happened.

WHAT MILEY CYRUS WAS TRYING TO DO: Appear mysteriously. Britney achieved this with dramatic music and a giant spider-looking thing that turned around to reveal her literal "not so innocent" self.

WHAT MILEY CYRUS WAS TRYING TO DO: She was trying to have her "I'm a grown woman!" moment. Britney achieved this with a sexy and sparkly striptease. She also wore a fedora and one of those cordless pop music microphones.


WHAT MILEY CYRUS WAS TRYING TO DO: Get into the zone and really have a moment with herself. Britney achieved this by dancing her ass off. She also had crimped hair.



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