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    This Is Important: Kendall Jenner Has No Idea How To Hold A Soda Can

    What is going on here?!

    Yesterday Pepsi released a new commercial starring Kendall Jenner. In the commercial, Kendall is modeling, spots a protest, rips her wig off, wipes off her lipstick, joins the demonstration, and solves police brutality.


    BUT that's not what I want to talk about here. There are already about 742 thinkpieces on that already.

    I came here to talk about her hand.

    Yes, her hand.

    Kendall's hand made its first appearance in a tub of soda. It's just a normal hand, five fingers, five nails, and a wrist.

    AND YET this BuzzFeed post is not about her physical hand. Ignore the digits! Forget her wrist! It's about the way she's holding the dang soda.

    What is happening?

    This is no way to hold a can of soda!

    And hey, guess what? It gets worse!

    She walks past some dude holding, or shall I say desperately hanging onto, that can of soda like this!



    T. rex is shaking!!!

    This chicken can't move!!! Kendall stole her look!!!

    It gets worse.

    Kendall walks up to the police officer.

    Her hand top-clenches that can of soda.

    There is an exchange.


    NO. NO. NO.

    I'm done here.


    Being the scientist that I am, I held a can like Kendall and let me tell you it was not comfortable! A hand is not meant to hold a can like this!

    Then I went back to the normal position and my ergonomics were perfected.

    Final thoughts: I hope Kendall learns how to hold a can of soda so she doesn't get arthritis.

    The end.