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    24 Random Things Millennials Haven't Thought About In Years

    "Shit, I totally forgot about that." - You reading this if you are over 21.

    1. These lawn chairs.

    2. This screen.

    3. The Fox Family logo.

    4. That random group Fergie was in called Wild Orchid that had a show on Fox Family called Great Pretenders.

    5. These straw paper plate plate holders.

    6. This Disney Channel commercial thing.

    7. Butterfinger BB's, which don't exist anymore.

    8. These popsicles, which also don't exist anymore.

    9. The Windows Media Player.

    10. Two Of A Kind, the tv show.

    11. Pink, when she was this Pink.

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    12. The Natural Wonders store at the mall.

    13. As seen on TV CD, Buzz Ballads.

    14. The "Spankin' New Music" bumper that played before new music on MTV.

    15. Jennifer Love Hewitt's music career.

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    16. These Old Navy bags.

    17. When famous hot guys wore tank tops with beanies.

    18. These computers on TRL.

    19. When the Weather Channel looked like this...

    20. ...or this.

    21. When Chris Kirkpatrick had a spiky devil horn beard.

    22. Also when Chris Kirkpatrick had his own clothing line called "FuMan Skeeto."

    23. The "One Saturday Morning" theme song.

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    24. And rich people toothpaste, Mentadent.