We Need To Talk About Publix Key Lime Pie

    Let the truth be known.

    Gelato can shove it.

    Creme brulee can choke.

    Mince meat pies, I just, no.

    Cookies, I love you, but sweetie I'm sorry.

    Lemon merengue, she's a cute girl but as we all know cute can't compete with gorgeous.

    And just, like, don't even get me started on apple pie. 1827 called, they want their crusty-ass pie back!

    The best dessert in the entire world comes from this place. The land of chicken finger subs, pineapple bowls, and sweet tea: Publix.

    But this post isn't about their subs, this post is about their greatest contribution to the culinary arts.

    Yeah, you know it, it's their Key lime pie.

    As Kindly Myers learned, "theirs is something special."

    Just looking at a picture of it gives me a body high.

    This closeup makes me tingle.

    This harvest more bountiful than any of Oprah's.

    Only people with the highest of culinary tastes will understand.

    Mr. Byrne, I have to agree with you.

    I rarely eat desserts anymore. But a Publix key lime pie always gets my attention.

    Random kid, I envy you.

    Santo, hell yeah.

    I’d cut both my arms for some key lime pie from Publix rn

    Harrison Basketball, what a great opinion.

    Say it louder, Sandy!!

    So yeah, I just wanted to state the correct opinion that Publix Key lime pie is the best dessert in the world and really that's that on that.

    The end.