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    We Need To Bring Back Flip Phones

    Just for dramatics.

    Sit up, strap in, and pull up that antenna. We're T9'ing it from now on. Be real, there is a part of you that misses your flip phone.

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    Unlike your big ass delicate iPhone, flip phones could be dropped over & over and that shit never broke.

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    If you were in a fight, you could literally throw your phone across the room and it would be fine. You could be 100 times more dramatic back then. Life was more fun.

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    That grainy ass camera was also the original Instagram filter.

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    You could just ball that much harder.

    Opening your phone was also more of a theatrical production.

    You just looked cooler.

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    ALSO, when we all had flip phones there was WAY LESS digital drama because our phones couldn't do shit.

    You could dress that thing up with charms and bedazzled things.

    Technologically: It was also smaller and easier to transport. The battery lasted forever because you weren't on it all the time. You didn't have to charge it for days.

    BONUS: Here's a vintage picture of Adele looking confused while holding a flip phone.

    Ultimately, this was the best part about flip phones:



    *All together now*


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