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    24 Pictures Of Lindsay Lohan That Were Every Girl From Your High School In The Early 2000s

    Which one were you?

    1. That girl who went tanning six days a week because she bought a month of unlimited tanning and needed to get her "moneys worth."

    2. That girl that pretended to be into skateboarding but actually just wore Vans.

    3. That girl who got her hair done at her aunt's salon.

    4. That girl that "got cold" easily and "remedied" the situation by wearing a completely non-functional scarf.

    5. That girl who got bangs.

    6. That girl going to her girlfriend's sweet sixteen at DiCarlo's Steakhouse.

    7. That girl that "took a risk" fashion-wise at her cousin Annabella's baptism.

    8. That girl who could *almost* pull off those sunglasses.

    9. That girl who used to wear trucker hats but then got really into that layered tank top look.

    10. That girl on the mock trial team.

    11. That girl going to the 18 and under club called Secrets on "club night." They had "water cannons."

    12. That girl who goes to Florida every Spring Break with her family. One time she got her hair braided.

    13. That girl who thought she could go "level three" on a spray tan in January.

    14. That girl that was *just really into* volunteer work.

    15. That girl who was "Treasurer" sophomore and junior year but didn't feel like doing it by the time she was a senior.

    16. That girl who always had people over to her house because she had a finished basement and her parents were never home. Her parents' liquor bottles always contained 1/3 water which she swore they never noticed*.

    17. That girl who has "dance" four days a week after school.

    18. That girl who won a scholarship from the Elk's Club.

    19. That girl who basically ignored all her friends senior year because she became obsessed with her hostessing job.

    20. That girl whose dad is a "contractor" or some shit, was rich, and always had a new phone.

    21. That girl who really loved the earth store, Natural Wonders, at the mall. She truly believed in the power of mood rings and those "Pure Moods" CDs.

    22. That girl who got really into Sublime over the summer.

    23. That girl whose mom had really cool old jewelry she just discovered and therefore wore all the time.

    24. And that girl who completely changed when she started wearing a mini leather jacket she found at a garage sale.