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28 Ways We Can All Be More Like Ja'mie King

Learn from the best.

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Goddess among teens and middle-aged men pretending to be teens, Ja'mie King knows a thing or 40 about boys, having people like you, fashion, and most importantly: being fucking hot.

In 2013, Ja'mie switched up her look and really came into her own. As a beacon of charity + hope, Ja'mie taught us lesser beings her wise ways.


1. First of all, tits. Take them out for the boys.

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2014 is all about tits.

2. Be weary of male teachers. The odds are against you with them.

3. Have anal sex.

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This is your year to finally give it a shot.

4. If you do something bad, run away and pretend like you had nothing to do with it.

5. Think of creative and tasteful ways to be more charitable.

6. Be a semi-slut.

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4 words: GET. THOSE. DICK. PICS.

7. Threaten your enemies with their own fists.

8. If it's your parents, threaten them with your own pregnancy.

9. Try the drums.

10. Be random.

You never know what may come your way.
HBO / Via

You never know what may come your way.

11. Accidents happen, except when they involve someone else's fingers in your vagina.

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12. Rule: If you're mad at someone, don't answer their texts for two days.

13. Go through your bisexual phase...

...but don't limit yourself. There will always be dick.

14. Play with your hair while casually threatening someone.

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It's intimidating and slightly psychotic.

15. Delete.

16. Tell people to lick their own genitals.

17. People have different senses of humor than you do. If they don't have your sense of humor...

...then they're obviously fat sluts.

You should push them, then tell them to build a bridge and get over it.

HBO / Via

18. Bite your father's shoulder when you want something from him.

HBO / Via

It's so creepy and odd that it works every time.

19. Get your friends on medication who have always needed it.

20. Get rid of that boy who is not worthy of your time and still rides a bike.

21. Heal the world.

22. Embrace your small tits.

23. Also tell people people to grow them.

24. Become in sync with your body.


25. Love your friends. Let them know it...

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...but keep them in line. They will be jealous of you, especially if you're hot.

26. Judge people based on what kind of school they went to.

27. Instagram EVERYTHING.

28. And lastly, if someone steals your Coke Zero...

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...then cut them out of your life.

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Here's to 2014 being the best year yet!

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