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    Sep 18, 2015

    Is This Halle Berry's Worst (But Also Best) Red Carpet Look Ever?

    Probably tbh.

    Halle Berry's best/worst red carpet moment happened when you would probably expect it to happen because it was 2005, and 2005 was right between the eras of Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, and Juicy Couture. A true trifecta of style.

    Getty Images

    It was March 6, 2005, at the Robots premiere and Halle Berry wore this:

    Getty Images

    As Halle waved to her adoring fans, they screamed: "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!??!" Halle shouted back "VON DUTCH, FLARED JEANS, AND PURPLE-TINTED SUNGLASSES!!!"

    Getty Images

    "Everything is purple!!!!!! right now."

    Getty Images


    And at that moment, Halle Berry became a style icon...

    For a brief moment, the world was at peace.

    Thanks, Halle!!!!!

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