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23 Tweets That Show How Chaotic Trader Joe's Has Become Because Of Coronavirus Panic Buying

"Some people are bringing actual suitcases into the store."

1. Trader Joe's has become ground zero for panic buying.

2. This person said they saw people with suitcases stocking up.

A glimpse of what panic-buying in #nyc looks like at #TraderJoes . 😬 thought I’d do my biweekly shop today instead of Sunday (should have come yesterday). some people are bringing actual suitcases into the store, but there aren’t many items left. 😕

3. This person said people were buying four of everything.

Never seen #TraderJoes this busy 15 minutes after opening. People are buying 4 of everything, carts overflowing, pandemonium. #COVID19

4. And my colleague saw someone with a cart full of meat.

5. "People have lost their minds."

#TraderJoes in downtown Manhattan, on 6th Ave & Spring St. Ppl have lost their goddamn minds. I’ve never seen anything like this. #Covid_19 #CoronavirusPandemic #panicbuying #apocalypse2020 #NYC #masshysteria #GodHelpUs #coronavirus

6. It's a Trader Joe's some people have never seen before.

Never ever in my life have I seen Trader Joe’s look like this!! 😱😫 #TraderJoes #coronavirus #COVD19 #LosAngeles #masshysteria

7. People are, quite literally, pillaging the shelves.

never thought I’d watch people panic buy as trader joe’s blasts taio cruz’s “dynamite” #TraderJoes

8. No bread. No beans.

Hope nobody wanted bread or beans. #traderjoes

9. It's empty.

I wasn’t even doing apocalypse grocery shopping. I just be getting hungry while I work from home. TRADER JOES IS EMPTY

10. The lines.

Overheard at #traderjoes today. Woman: “Why is there a line? There’s never a line at this time?” Worker: “M’am, not sure if you heard, theres something called a #pandemic going on.” 😐 #SocialDistancing

11. Let's talk about the lines.

As soon as the doors opened at Trader Joes in SoHo at 8am. Have never seen anything like this. Not sure this is bringing out the best in ppl.

12. The lines at Trader Joe's can be bad, but not like this.

went to trader joes for a cold brew coffee #fridaymorning ..

13. In some places, there are lines to literally just get into the door.

Coronavirus got everyone panicking here in Brooklyn at Atlantic Ave Trader Joes #TraderJoes #Brooklyn #CoronaOutbreak #CoronavirusPandemic

14. I repeat: This is to GET IN the store.

The line outside #traderjoes

15. Once people actually get inside, they're finding empty shelves.

#TraderJoes in Westwood, NJ 😩

16. "Yikes."

17. The only *funny* thing to come out of this is that now we know what Trader Joe's product no one ever wanted.

When all of the #Covid_19 #CoronavirusPandemic craziness is over, at least #TraderJoes will have some good data on what they should cut from their product line. If it can’t sell during an end of the world semi-panic, it probably doesn’t need to take up shelf space

18. Trader Joe's will be able to re-evaluate which ones they can get rid of.

I guess #TraderJoes might wanna re-evaluate this product 😄

19. Hot dogs are one of them.

Food stores/brands should take this as an opportunity to see what consumers choose last even preparing for self-quarantine... looking at you hot dogs 👀 #TraderJoes #CoronavirusPandemic

20. Gluten-free white bread another.

Virtually nothing left but gluten-free white bread at #TraderJoes. The best part was when the checkout guy asked me if I found everything I wanted. I laughed and he said sorry, that's just a reflex.

21. Obviously no one is buying chocolate hummus.

Somehow reassuring in the midst of #coronavirus shopping frenzy to know that people still have the sense *not* to buy #chocolatehummus and buffalo hummus. #traderjoes #dc

22. And carrot spirals seem to be the ultimate winner.

No one wants carrot spirals and cauliflower crust in a pandemic #traderjoes #CoronaOutbreak

23. No one wants the carrot spirals.

There’s no love for the carrot spirals #traderjoes