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Congrats Ladies! Troye Sivan Has Come Out As "Desiring Women" And He's Elated About It

DM him, girls.

Great news, girls!

Troye Sivan has started desiring you!

And he really wants you to know his life has improved ever since!

The new lady lover took to TikTok to announce his change of heart and he is positively glowing! Heterosexuality looks good on you, Troye!

"My life has become so much better since I started desiring women," Troye said from the seat of a car.

"Hey girls," he said in a sexy voice.

"I love you, girls," he cooed.

He ended the TikTok with a call to action.

"DM me, girls," he said.

So, there you have it! Troye Sivan desires women now and is doing great!

Congrats to women everywhere! Bye!