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17 Times John Travolta's Chin Nubbin Made Me Question My Will To Live

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

1. Had me praying for forgiveness.

2. Thought I wouldn't last for long.

3. Couldn't make it any further.

4. Every time I saw that nub.

5. You were like a poison.

6. A bitter hateful scream.

7. I lost touch of who I really was.

8. Every time I saw that nub.

9. And as I reflect on my past year.

10. And what you've done to me.

11. You pushed me down, I couldn't breathe.

12. You just stood there and said "hehe."

13. It was like really mean.

14. And though the glue on your wig may fade...

15. ... and your nubbin roots may show.

16. I will still be here.

17. That nub will never make me disappear.