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This TikTok About Gen Z At 13-Years-Old Vs. Millennials At 13-Years-Old Perfectly Captures The Generational Divide

I love any "Cotton Eyed Joe" reference.

2020 is the year millennials got fully dragged.


Whether it's about "deserving a little treat."

Millennials love to say “I deserve a little treat” while buying basic necessities

Doing "things."

millennials love saying “so i did a thing😌” girl go re read harry potter and shut up

Or personal "journeys."

millennials love referring to overcoming a personal problem as “their journey”

It's funny because it's true.

millennials always wanna talk about the scholastic book fair and the aesthetic of taco bell from the 90s but never their credit score

And we deserve it.


But I saw this TikTok the other day that perfectly captures the generational divide.


Angie Cocuzza aka @acooz31 on TikTok made a TikTok about the way 13-year-olds dance now vs. how millennials danced when they were 13. It *truly* took me back.

Watch it here:


You can’t tell me the Gen Z teens aren’t genetically modified #fyp #foryoupage #millennial #savage #greenscreen #funny #dance #comedy #trending

♬ Cotton eye joe still slaps - acooz31

Now excuse me while I brush up on my "Cotton Eyed Joe" jig.

Nerdy person doing "Cotton Eyed Joe" dance

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