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38 Things You Will Only See At The International Pizza Expo

The Pizza Expo is a REALLY special place.

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1. The pizza doctor:

2. Pizza making instructions in sign language:

3. A giant cocktail glass filled with a huge can of tomato paste:

4. This guy:

5. A literal pizza face:

6. A bunch of pizza shop owners stacking cups:

7. 3 men measuring some dough:

8. Art like this:

9. Razor blade crust:

10. A cannoli car:

11. Someone using their stomach to stretch dough:

12. People staring at cartoon loops of pizzas coming out of ovens:

13. Advertisements like this:

14. People casually spinning fake dough:

15. Cheese pizza carpet stains:

16. Pizza restaurant pagers:

17. A cocktail glass the size of a toddler filled with olives:

18. Pizza booth babes:

19. A sad pizza booth babe holding a cocktail glass full of hot peppers:

20. A pizza that is made of shirts:

21. The pizza illuminati:

22. Pictures of happy pizza chefs:

23. A booth completely dedicated to garlic bread:

24. Hundreds of fake pizzas:

25. Oven belt hats:

26. Beautiful pizza stock photography:

27. Twins that own their own pizza shop:

28. This clown holding a pizza:

29. Lady Gaga performing in front of rotating pizzas:

30. Giant bags of sauce casually on tables:

31. Some dude covered in lights spinning pizza dough:

He also put fluorescent liquid on his dough so it glowed.

He also put fluorescent liquid on his dough so it glowed.

32. Babies that make their own sauce:

33. Multiple giant cannolis:

34. A guy with a jacket made of cards talking to a group of men with pants made of cards:

35. People with pizza tattoos:

36. Awesome pizza business cards:

37. The pizza of the year trophy:

38. Someone doing pizza aerobics to Radiohead:

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