42 Things To Love About No Doubt

    Bindis, braids, and oranges.

    1. No Doubt helped launch the ska revival of the 1990s.

    2. They've been around for 25 years.

    3. They have, as far as we know, remained friends the entire time.

    4. These early band pictures.

    5. Gwen Stefani's bindi in the "Don't Speak" music video.

    6. Gwen Stefani's yellow tank top in the "Don't Speak" music video.

    7. Gwen Stefani and the orange in the "Don't Speak" music video.

    8. "Hush hush, darling"

    9. The stellar acting in the "Don't Speak" video.

    10. Okay, the entire "Don't Speak" music video is unforgettably legendary.

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    11. The fact that Gwen never gave a fuck about having a rad slice of pizza.

    12. Gwen's early '90s fashion.

    13. Bindis and braids.

    14. So many bindis and braids.

    15. Gwen's penchant for leopard print.

    16. Their fascination with oranges.

    17. These albums.

    18. The fact that Adrian is the only guy who could EVER make frosted tips look cool.

    19. Honestly, his frosted tips were pretty sweet.

    20. Adrian was also almost always naked.

    21. Adrian's devil horns were also a thing.

    22. Adrian wore diapers.

    23. And lipstick.

    24. Basically Adrian never really gave a fuck.

    25. Gwen's badass short haircut was pretty sweet.

    26. They made it okay to wear Oakleys and visors.

    27. Seriously, if Mark Mcgrath would have been wearing those sunglasses he would look like a huge douche.

    28. More oranges.

    29. They are also adorable together.

    30. So cute.

    31. Seriously cute.

    32. Car realness.

    33. They won an award at the Hard Rock cafe.

    34. More braids.

    35. And bindis.

    36. They never matched.

    37. Gwen had some seriously revolutionary eyebrow jewelry.

    38. And cheek bone jewelry.

    39. Gwen's aqua hair and fuzzy bra (with bonus facial jewelry)

    40. Again with the oranges.

    41. They were just really into fruit.

    42. And finally, how Gwen had braces and they always matched what she was wearing and she didn't give a fuck.