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38 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Need to make a corgi smile? Here are 38 things that could help. This post is dedicated to one of the biggest corgi lovers BuzzFeed has ever known (and coming from us, that's, like, the highest possible compliment): Michael Hastings.

1. Sitting majestically on the top of snowy mountains

2. Snuggling with horses

3. Pretending to be stuck in glasses

4. Getting slightly creepy

5. Posing with their besties

6. Slides that aren't too steep

7. Pool parties

8. Higher education

9. Sharing

10. Geeking out

11. Trying to be dainty by standing on tiny red boxes

12. Dogs that are waaaay bigger than them

13. Babysitting

14. Matching patriotic outfits

15. Learning about what all the other cool dogs are doing

16. Skiing

17. Sliced seedless watermelon

18. Vacuum cleaners

19. Riding around in handbags

20. Fields full of stuffed sheep

21. Macarons

22. Looking like total badasses

23. Flying first class

24. Their family

25. Dressing up for the beach (impractical, I know)

26. Stealing hamburgers from drive-thrus

27. Gold chains and backward hats

28. The Sunday paper

29. Recreating scenes from The Lion King

30. Pretending to be galloping stallions

31. High fives

32. Participating in the democratic process

33. Riding in the front seat

34. Standing on babies

35. Giving away kisses

36. Being lazy and having humans pull them around in wagons

37. Meeting politicians

38. Having a cool dad