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22 Things Poncho The Pug Is Better At Than You

You guys seriously need to meet Poncho.

1. Pretending to be surprised about something someone already told her.

2. Actually looking cool in sunglasses.

3. Taking front-seat selfies with her besties.

4. Stealing fries.

5. Bubble baths.

6. Getting sympathy.

7. Making that $$$.

8. Every social network (except Pinterest).

9. Smoking cigars, posting pictures of it on Instagram, and not coming across like a total douche.

10. Basically every game on Xbox.

11. Cycle racing.

12. Looking cute.

13. Getting people to push her around in a cart.

14. Flossing with a leaf.

15. Looking flawless while eating a string bean.

16. Fitting inside milk crates.

17. Begging for things.

18. Mugging for the camera.

19. Hide-and-seek.

20. Convincing people to rub her head.

21. Pulling off a Mexican sombrero.

22. And getting people to follow her and do exactly as she says.

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