People Are Sharing Brutally Funny Things They "Love" About Boomers, And They're Not Lying

    The obsession with "Facebook jail" is actually pretty cute but also completely unhinged.

    Believe it or not, not everyone has bad things to say about boomers!

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    Let's take a look at some things people have said on X that they like about them.

    Two elderly individuals smiling, one pointing at a laptop screen, seated on a sofa indoors

    1. When they enunciate every syllable in a word.

    I love when boomers speak and they say every letter in a word

    — ꕥ (@astroanais) February 9, 2024
    Twitter: @astroanais

    2. When they call other boomers "Karens."

    I like when boomers call other boomers “Karen”

    — uncle weevil (@bansheecrab) November 30, 2020
    Twitter: @bansheecrab

    3. Their hatred of ripped jeans.

    I love when boomers comment on my ripped jeans. I always say I either fell on the side walk or a I got attacked by wild animals.

    — Raina ❣️ (@Rainalove2010) February 3, 2024
    Twitter: @Rainalove2010

    4. When they announce they got out of "Facebook jail."

    I love when boomers so proudly announce they’re out of Facebook jail.

    Twitter: @BrotherSparkySJ
    A smiling older woman with headphones using a laptop, holding a mug, seated on a sofa

    5. When they can't remember their passwords.

    I love when boomers can’t remember their passwords and it’s the “stupid computers” fault 😂

    Twitter: @lauralynklein

    6. Their proficiency in Excel.

    i love when boomers dont know how to connect to wifi or do windows updates but you put them on an excel spreadsheet and they turn into fucking computer wizards

    Twitter: @cinnafenroll

    7. When they accidentally like pages on Facebook.

    I love when boomers on facebook end up liking a page they didnt mean to and ask to "get removed from your list"

    Twitter: @LiamShitter

    8. When they use expressions like "YOLO."

    I love when boomers say "yolo- you only live once, right?" Like its some deep & profound message 🤣

    Twitter: @AvgDogMom
    Woman with short hair seated with a laptop, smiling, resting chin on hand, wearing a casual jacket and jeans

    9. When they get a lil' snarky.

    i love when boomers try to be snarky and be like "this is where you're supposed to say thank you >:)" because i just laugh and hang up

    Twitter: @seulbun

    10. When they try to get into a closed store.

    I love when boomers stare at a closed store expecting it to magically open because they're looking at it.

    Twitter: @bonnieshailyn
    Woman holding a 'Sorry We're Closed' sign, viewed through a glass pane

    11. When they complain about the weather.

    I love when boomers complain about the heat waves and say shit like “there’s something going on” Ya, it’s called global warming 🥲

    Twitter: @melinaxox1997

    12. When they use emojis.

    i love when boomers use emojis literally comedy gold

    Twitter: @sanrigore

    13. When they call Peter Griffin "The Family Guy."

    I love when boomers refer to Peter Griffin as “The Family Guy”

    Twitter: @RealSummersEve

    14. When they say use the word "taping" as a verb.

    I love when boomers say “taping me” when someone is taking a video of them

    Twitter: @talltimboy
    Two women embracing and smiling for a photo being taken by a third person. They are seated on steps outdoors

    15. When they tell people to leave the US.

    I love when Boomers try to say things like, “well if you don’t like things in the US then leave”. Like don’t threaten me with a good time.

    Twitter: @jonkirby0

    16. When they text "k."

    I love when boomers text ‘k’ because they don’t realize how passive aggressive it sounds

    Twitter: @wrstGRAsCEnario

    17. When they share something on Facebook and add "Yep."

    I love when boomers share a post on Facebook and they find it necessary to add "Yep" to it.

    Twitter: @condamnz

    18. When they make a scene about restaurants being busy.

    I love when boomers come into a restaurant, see it’s busy, freak out and leave

    Twitter: @peekabooduke

    19. When they order coffee.

    I love when boomers go into a coffee and yell PLAIN BLACK COFFE I DONT need any of that frilly stuff. NO FRAPYAY OR ICED PLAIN BLACK HOT COFFEE.

    Twitter: @lyesgnar
    Senior couple contemplating pastries at a bakery display

    20. When they get oddly and accidentally passive aggressive on Facebook.

    I love when Boomers use Facebook. My mom posts my brother's engagement. Another boomer goes "Congrats, are you still working?"

    Twitter: @mrscatqueen

    21. When they can't figure out how to use QR codes.

    I love when boomers get upset with me at work, and I ruin their day by making them figure out how to use a QR code.

    Twitter: @Duckyyy69

    22. When they comment "shared" on Facebook.

    I love when boomers comment "shared" on someone's Facebook post. No one cares that you shared it Linda.

    Twitter: @ben_jammin_94
    Woman with short hair smiling at laptop, holding a mug, sitting at a table indoors

    23. When they get mad about silly little things.

    I love when boomers are like “this is outrageous we need to preserve history!!” When the monopoly hat piece gets changed to a iPhone piece.

    Twitter: @TheSodaLiker
    Healthcare worker in scrubs looks tired, sitting with hands on temples in a living room setting

    24. When they use tons of ellipses and exclamation points.

    i like when boomers begin a sentence like this..... then they top it with the exclamation points like they just hit you with the biggest surprise ever!!!

    — 🍓 trex! || vtuber @ VGEN (@arealpup) February 21, 2021
    Twitter: @arealpup

    25. When they warn others about scam phonecalls.

    I like when boomers share scam call PSAs because they’re coming from a good place and they’re basically using community to help each other out since clearly somebody is still falling for these things

    — Emly (@cannedgod) June 14, 2023
    Twitter: @cannedgod

    26. When they change their profile pictures to a photo of their spouse.

    I think it’s cute when boomers change their prof pic’s to just a photo of their spouse

    — Mikey “Demon King” Marinara (@NeonFurnace) June 29, 2022
    Twitter: @NeonFurnace

    27. When they look awkward in hip restaurants.

    I love when boomers go to "hip" restaurants and look awkward

    — Katie Toney (@katietoney) July 23, 2022
    Twitter: @katietoney

    28. When they say "ANNND GO!"

    I love when boomers on Facebook will ask for some shit on there and type


    Like it’s a race

    — domfost (@domfost) August 24, 2022
    Twitter: @domfost
    Older woman with glasses holding a tablet, wearing an apron, with a reflective, content expression

    29. When they use text to speech.

    I love when boomers use speech to text to respond to messages but they end up yelling because the other people talking drowns them out.

    — Justin (@justpaninihead) March 21, 2023
    Twitter: @justpaninihead

    30. When they say they need to "YouTube" something.

    I love when boomers say they need to “youtube” something

    — cathy (@crazycathlady) July 6, 2023
    Twitter: @crazycathlady
    Elderly woman using a laptop at a table with a coffee cup, smiling slightly, in casual printed attire

    31. The amount of times they post on Facebook.

    I love when boomers say gen-z spends too much time on the internet but then they have 7 thousand Facebook posts.

    — FelixGIZheun (@JustMeElijah2) August 31, 2023
    Twitter: @JustMeElijah2

    32. When they use the term "asking for a friend."

    I love when boomers use the phrase “asking for a friend”. It was marginally funny for like a week several years ago. Now it’s just a waste of characters 😂

    — jake the steak (@jacobljaffe) December 23, 2023
    Twitter: @jacobljaffe

    33. When they brag about high interest rates.

    I love when boomers are like "you think house prices are bad now try double digit interest rates in the 90s"

    — phil 🇵🇸 (@Superchair14) March 14, 2024
    Twitter: @Superchair14

    34. When they call "Chipotle" "Chipol-te."

    i like when boomers call it “chipol-te”

    — *・゚✧keegs✧・゚* (@tequighley) January 3, 2020
    Twitter: @tequighley

    35. And lastly, when they lick their fingers before touching money.

    I like when boomers lick their fingers before touching money

    — sleep close death (@SLEEPCLOSEDEATH) November 14, 2019
    Man in a patterned shirt smiling and pointing to a fan of cash in his hand