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25 Babysitting Problems

I spoke with 25 dogs who also babysit and here's what they told me.

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1. "The worst part about babysitting is you can never open new food or finish what's already opened."

2. "I hate Scooby-Doo like this shit isn't even funny."

3. "I wish I had brought extra clothes with me today considering the fact that I got peed on and now it's all I can smell."

4. "Slyly trying to skip pages while reading the book aloud and the kid doesn't notice it doesn't make sense."

5. "I can't stand awkwardly sitting there watching TV waiting for the parents to come home after the kids go to bed. The worst."

6. "Forced to wear this while playing pretend. What have I become?"

7. "Confession: 99% of the time I smile and laugh when kids say something because I have no idea what they actually said."

8. "I've only been babysitting for an hour and it feels like I've been here for five days."

9. "I hate how everyone thinks I'm a teen mom."

10. "The worst part about babysitting is the awkward 10 minutes where I have to socialize with the dad while the mom finishes getting ready."

11. "Apparently I'm a lifeguard today!"

12. "I need to eat the right amount of food so that I seem grateful but not enough to seem greedy."

13. "That awkward moment when you're more tired than the kids you're babysitting."

14. "Nothing like waking up to the smell of Bella's diarrhea all over the carpet at 7 a.m."

15. "The worst part about babysitting is never knowing how to work the damn TV."

16. "What kind of dinner is six hours long? Could really use some sleep and my glasses right about now!"

17. "The worst part about babysitting during the day is you can't make them go to bed."

18. "No, seriously, what was that noise? Why is this house so damn creepy?"

19. "The worst part about babysitting boys is not knowing if they're serious or not when they wrestle."

20. "I'm convinced these parents saw me as a prime opportunity to run away and dump their kids with me forever."

21. "The worst part about babysitting is the awkward time at the end when the parents try to make small talk but all I wanna do is get the money."

22. "No, those aren't rocket ships. Those are tampons."

23. "Stay awake. Stay awake. Stay awake."

24. "Stop touching me. Stop touching me. Stop touching me."

25. "Is this even worth it?!"

H/t to the tweens hashtagging #babysittingproblems for a bunch of these.

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