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There Was A Corgi Cruise, And It Was Wonderful

BRB, buying my tickets for next year.

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It was the perfect day for a cruise full of corgis.

The corgis lined up in their best American flag swag. It was Memorial Day, and corgis are known as one of the most festive breeds.

They also wore scarves. Corgis also love scarves.

"Look how excited I am to be on a boat! I love boats! Boats rock!"



One by one they waddled on board.

The motto of the day was:

ALL ABOARD, they cheered.

Bye land!

The boat was run by this corgi sailor.

Yes, you read that correctly... A CORGI THAT HAPPENED TO BE A SAILOR.

He did a really good job, to be honest.

Most of the corgis hated wearing their life jackets, except this guy.

He said it gave him "peace of mind."

This guy wore goggles because the wind bothers his eyes. He swears he wasn't trying to be a douche.

The corgis took over their own area, christening it the "Corgi Corner."

They were, obviously, the life of the party.

Look how much fun they're having.

(Besides this guy)

(And this guy)

So basically it was a day full of smiles and rainbows and beautifulness.

There were also kisses.

In conclusion, here is a corgi butt.

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