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    Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Judge Judy In Casual Clothing

    This is important.

    Hey all, do I have a very special surprise for you. MY MOST PERSONAL YET. It's Judge Judy in casual clothing and she is here to rock your mother-fucking world.

    There's something special about Judge Judy just, like, in casual clothing.

    She can rock it.

    I am no fashion expert but I think it's safe to say casual Judge Judy walking on the street makes Lady Gaga walking on the street look, excuse my language, "dumb."

    Whether she is walking through doors...

    ...or walking down the street...

    ...what is not to love about Judge Judy in casual clothing?!

    When she's not busy reaming the fuck out of people, she's just talking on the phone.

    She's waving to her fans.

    She's wearing *Goldmember voice* toite suits.

    Ugh, I just love it so much.

    Judge Judy smiling free and wild at Rite Aide buying holiday cards.

    Here she is on a little stroll with her husband. Not gonna lie, I'm gay as hell but I would kill to be him!

    Here she is confused about something.

    Hi haters. Lock 'em up!

    Petiana could never.

    Wind in hair, she don't care!

    Ciao queen of casual fashion!

    H/t to my most problematic fr*end, Calvin. He abandoned me on the floor of XES many years ago.