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    Updated on Sep 17, 2018. Posted on Jul 15, 2018

    Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Judge Judy In Casual Clothing

    This is important.

    Hey all, do I have a very special surprise for you. MY MOST PERSONAL YET. It's Judge Judy in casual clothing and she is here to rock your mother-fucking world.

    / Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI

    There's something special about Judge Judy just, like, in casual clothing.

    / AKM-GSI

    She can rock it.


    I am no fashion expert but I think it's safe to say casual Judge Judy walking on the street makes Lady Gaga walking on the street look, excuse my language, "dumb."

    Xpos / BACKGRID

    *No offense.

    Whether she is walking through doors...

    / Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI

    ...or walking down the street...

    / Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI

    ...what is not to love about Judge Judy in casual clothing?!

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    When she's not busy reaming the fuck out of people, she's just talking on the phone.

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    She's waving to her fans.

    Illa / SURQ / BACKGRID

    She's wearing *Goldmember voice* toite suits.

    Gino / Gino / BACKGRID

    Ugh, I just love it so much.

    Rmcl / Maciel / BACKGRID

    Judge Judy smiling free and wild at Rite Aide buying holiday cards.

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    Here she is on a little stroll with her husband. Not gonna lie, I'm gay as hell but I would kill to be him!

    Fufu / Yellow Mamba / BACKGRID

    Here she is confused about something.

    / Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI

    Hi haters. Lock 'em up!

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    Petiana could never.

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    Wind in hair, she don't care!

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    Ciao queen of casual fashion!

    / Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI

    H/t to my most problematic fr*end, Calvin. He abandoned me on the floor of XES many years ago.

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