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    The Whole World Is Wondering Why Americans Say This On The 4th Of July

    Interesting. Very interesting.

    I thought I had an encyclopedic knowledge of things people think are weird about Americans.

    The red cups, the lockers in schools, the bathroom stalls with large gaps! There are approximately 9,828 BuzzFeed posts about "American things."

    Buuuut, because we don't give up, I found another "weird thing," and this time I was like, "Ok, I guess I see your point."

    It involves the 4th of July.

    It's this basic concept:

    Time for my annual quandary: why do Americans refer to today as the 4th of July, yet use the month/day/year date format?

    Technically or not-so-technically, we should be saying "Happy July 4th," not "Happy 4th of July."

    It's one of the few times Americans use "European style" dating.

    Why do Americans call some major dates by their style of dating (ie "September 11th") but others by the European style (ie "4th of July")??

    And one of the few dates we pronounce differently in comparison to how we write it.

    Why do Americans say "4th of July" but write their dates like July the 4th?

    I know this is a really small thing...

    Why do Americans call it ‘4th of July’ when they generally give the date as month-day. Does anyone say July 4th or is this the anomaly?

    ...but many people around the world agree.

    Why do Americans only say 4th of July when their date is MM/DD/YYYY

    It's weird.

    Why do Americans say the month before the date but when it’s the 4th of July it’s the other way round

    But that's not all.

    There's the whole "Independence Day" concept.

    It's this:

    Coworker: why do Americans call it 4th of July and not independence day? You don't call Christmas December 25th. *brain immediately starts melting*

    I mean, some people say "Happy Independence Day," but that's not really *so* much a thing. I feel like I see that written in store advertisements, but as a whole, we say "Happy 4th of July."

    We say "Happy Canada day".. Why do Americans say "Happy 4th of July" and not "Happy Independence day"???

    So there you have it. See y'all in the comments arguing about it!