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The Ultimate Aliya Mustafina Tribute

This post is dedicated to my fellow Mustys out there.

Before we begin Aliya has to put her medals on.

All set.

Let's begin.

Aliya got Russia their first Olympic women’s gymnastics gold since 2000.

In April of 2011, she ripped her knee apart tearing both her ACL and MCL on vault.

Most athletes take years to recover, but obviously Mustafina is not like most athletes.

She has that stare.

It's basically piercing into your soul right now.


She has the determination.

She's coming for your medals.

But in all seriousness, it's about elegance.

Nailed it.

Also, feet are not supposed to do this, but Mustafina's do.

She's like a fucking helicopter!!

And I know she gets a bad rap for always looking so serious all the time.

She smiles!

And is like really fun!

You know, just foolin' around with her teammates.

That face!

And oh yeah, there's also this picture.

So, to wrap things up, call her a diva or a sore loser or whatever you want.

Because whatever. She's the shit.