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What's Something You Did Growing Up That Should Have Been A Huge Rainbow Flag To Your Parents That You Were Gay?

Show and tell.

Are you gay? Yes? Me too!

Well, as many people who grew up gay know, it's pretty fun and funny to talk about things you did as a kid that make you say: "DAMN, MOM, YOU REALLY HAD NO IDEA I WAS GAY?!"

Maybe you, like me, would skate around the house pretending to be Tara Lipinski at 4 years old?

Maybe you were always *striking a pose*.

Maybe you wrote a biography about yourself and titled it using Britney Spears lyrics?

Or maybe, if you were as gay as me, you forced your family to celebrate Britney Spears' birthday with a cardboard standup and a cake?

Have something really gay from your childhood to share? Great! Either tell your story in the comments or upload a picture using the dropbox for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!